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Excerpt: What Japan's Youth Are Really Like (04.2006) [ForeignDispatches.typepad]

In a four country poll involving America, China, Japan and Korea, Japanese high school students came dead last in the emphasis they placed on academic achievement, while "being the most popular person in school" came first in their list of priorities; their chief expressed interests lay in consuming popular culture (TV dramas, manga), chatting on their mobile phones and fashion/shopping, in that order. [...]

The Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living says boys no longer dream of becoming salarymen like their fathers, and that there is no "guaranteed path to contentment". [...]




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Sunscreen: Does It Have Anti-Aging Properties?
SPF – Sun Protection Factor. Everyone who’s ever used sunblock probably knows this term, but don’t know much about exactly what it does. It basically protects the skin from UVB light emitted by the sun. UVB light causes sunburn, redness on the skin. If a sunblock has a high SPF, you can probably avoid getting red and puffy by using it.

UVA – Less widely known but also emitted by the sun. This light doesn’t cause visible damage to the skin but can cause skin cancer with pro-longed exposure. This also causes the skin DNA to change, darken, and tan. The only ingredients that protects against UVA light are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.