Jimmy the Bartender
Q: I think my buddy has a drinking problem. We go out together, though. So I'm wondering how I raise my concerns without sounding like a complete hypocrite?

A: Take it from a guy who's had to deny more than a few desperate men their alcoholic ambrosia: It's never easy to tell a guy he needs help. But this isn't about your looking like a hypocrite; it's about your having the BBs not to stand idle while he kills himself or someone else. Yes, there's going to be a confrontation. Yes, he's going to try to turn this around on you. Yes, you have to do it. So strap on a set and do it.

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Russian Prime Minister Personally Puts Out Two Wildfires
"He's worse than Saddam. More dangerous, because he's been in charge of an enormous country which he's treated like his own personal fiefdom. I can't express how bad this psycho creep has been, and continues to be, for Russia. Back to the same czarist bullshit--no middle class, just the corrupt, obscenely rich & the tragically poor. "Economic growth," my ass. He's pumping oil & gas like crazy, enriching himself & his corrupt dog-pig oligarch friends, and tossing a few scraps to the moujiks to keep them quiet.

Hey, at least vodka's cheap & plentiful!"

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On Women and Street Harassment
It really can be scary. I've had guys stop their cars at night and get out-like they think they're getting a date out of it or something. I've had a few guys try to follow me home. I don't think that guys get how frightening it is for some random guy to barge in and demand your attention, threatening verbal and possibly physical abuse if you don't give it.

Reply: The guys who do this know exactly how frightening it is. That's the whole point, to intimidate and assert their "rightful dominance." The guys who don't do this, but don't get why we're upset may never understand. They're not in our shoes. They just may never get it. But even if they don't get it, they need to "check their privilege."

The last time I got catcalled on the street, I went home with him and did him all night. It was the best sex I ever had!

Of course, that's totally not true. But I guess in the warped world some of these guys inhabit, it could happen.

Him: "How bout a threesome, y'all?"
Me: "Sure - you want her strap-on or mine in your mouth?"

The look on his face was fucking. priceless.

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