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A Ten-Step Support Group for Bedbugs
"OK, this is going to sound like I'm getting paid to endorse this company, but I'm seriously a satisfied customer and want to share with any and all fellow bedbug sufferers that YOU CAN DO IT BY YOURSELF! you really can! no exterminator needed. In fact, if you use an exterminator, you will likely get a second infestation. The exterminator's methods do not target the eggs. So in a few days. Boom. Another infestation.

However! This company,
Dead Bed Bugs sells products that acutally work. I swear.

I bought the mattress and box spring covers, the spray (which smells pleasantly of peppermint), and the Diatomaceous Earth dust with sprayer.

All of these things are totally natural and completely safe for pets, I even lent the leftovers to a friend who was having troubles and she was comfortable using it on her baby's bed.

Its a little time consuming, and it may seem strange to have to vacuum your mattress, but once you get it all done you will not see another bug. One afternoon waging war against them and I've been bug free for more than a year. You get a lot of product for your money so should the need arise again, you'll not need to spend MORE money on exterminators that don't kill all of the bugs.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy this stuff. The spray was so cool. I caught one against the wall and sprayed his ass and I could see him melting before my eyes. It took about 5 seconds. Which, when you have bedbugs is a godsend."

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