First Truly Synthetic Organism Created
"The Ethical Implications: The creation of the world’s first truly synthetic organism throws up some serious ethical questions. In designing and creating life, they are “playing God” - something that is sure to concern those that believe such practices should remain the province of their deity of choice. The team’s work also challenges the traditional views of what life is and further blurs the line between living things and machines – the synthetic bacterium possesses features of both."

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Google Turns Homepage Logo into a Playable Game of Pacman
92 Percent of Canned Goods Contain Bisphenol-A

"The Chinese average only 2 tablespoons a day of soy, as a condiment, not a protein source. Soybeans were field fertilizer until Asia invented fermenting tactics to rid the bean of numerous toxins.

The Chinese eat pork, not soy. The idea that soy is a miracle food was a massive and effective piece of propaganda that is damaging everybody's health. I bought it, too. The FDA in the States even lists soy as a poisonous plant."
[NowToronto.com - Letter to the Editor - Aug.08]

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Scientists Developing Memory-Erasing Drug
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RHONY's Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Paranoid Personality Disorder
"People with paranoid personality disorder are highly suspicious of other people. They also are usually unable to acknowledge their own negative feelings towards other people in any realistic way. They generally do not work well with others, feeling as if they will be exploited or otherwise harmed. When paranoid people are in any way confronted or feel threatened, they tend to respond either by detaching emotionally or reacting with hostility that can even manifest in physical violence."