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The Hard Sell on Salt
"I think this is a case where we are our own worst enemy. I spent twenty five years in the food service industry as a chef (fifteen as an executive chef) which included three years with General Foods as a product development chef. Twenty years ago at the Culinary Institute of America I was taught that salt is a flavor enhancer, not a flavor. My experience is that the American palate has been corrupted to the point where everything must taste of salt. I use more salt to refill the shakers on the table than I do when cooking in the kitchen. Salt is an acquired taste and we can be weaned from it by simply not adding more to what we eat.

A simple rule that I follow is if you can taste the salt there is too much. (I do like to over salt my eggs, corn and potatoes, but I do that at the table, not in the kitchen.) We can reduce our taste for salt by using less. When dining out, taste your food before you add salt. When cooking at home don't add salt during cooking, reduction will increase the concentration, and something that tastes fine will turn out too salty after cooking for even a short time. Wait until the dish is ready to be served, taste it, and then determine if a pinch of salt will help or hurt. Don't add salt to pre-prepared foods.

It takes a little time to adjust your palate, so give it a try for a week or two and you will notice the difference. Acids like lemon or lime juice and vinegar (lots of flavored vinegars out there) can fool the taste buds. Use less as a rule and your taste buds will thank you. Your health may improve also."

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