Brad Goreski, the Zelig of Fashion Week

Geeks Versus Hipsters
"I know the point of the picture is to illustrate how alike the two castes are, but the crucial differences are in the motives behind the items on each individual.

The guy on the left is holding an iPhone because that's what other hipsters do. He's wearing odd clothing because that's what other hipsters do. He's wearing glasses because that's what other hipsters do.

The guy on the right is holding an iPhone because he has a love for technology. He's wearing a geeky T-shirt because he loves Star Trek. He's wearing glasses because he can't see.

That's the difference between the two groups. Geeks do what they do because its what they love (or need) to do. The aesthetic is a byproduct of that. The hipster artificially manufactures the aesthetic for the sake of the aesthetic. Its inorganic, and thus reviled."

"I feel like one big reason why Geeks have a problem with hipsters is that hipsters are taking all of the image benefits of being a Geek (being outside the mainstream, intelligence), without having gone through the pain of being a Geek. Being a Geek, particularly in high/middle school, can suck. Seriously fucking suck. It's sort of like when a wealthy politician tries to appropriate some tenuous connection to poverty; they don't really deserve the positives without taking the negatives as well."

"The difference between a real nerd and a Hipster. .. talent. When you're really good at what you do, you don't need to dress the part.
The Real geeks out there are at the race track or the university lab or the brewery, or the dark room, and they look like normal people. They don't have time to play geek.
Sort of the same reason only middle classs people wear luxury brands with giant logos."

"You weren't wrong when you commented 'To Geek is to Love' But it's not only that. A geek will explore and create the sub-culture to which the Hipsters glean from.

The geeks are the miners, digging deeper, looking to create the next cool thing—whether it is Art, tech, music, or fashion.

Then the hipsters, the consumers, They are the ones trying to make it fashionable or marketable. It's not to say that hipsters don't have any original thoughts. They just have the money to exploit other's.

'He's the one the that sings all our pretty songs, but he don't know what it means'. — Kurt Cobain

A hipster can appreciate the geek, but will never understand the process that it took to create that thing that they wear/ listen too/ or use.

Which makes anyone who is a hipster, and not a geek about anything... dare I bring it back... a poser. And that is the saddest of all."

"To me a hipster is someone who's taken on the mantle of "geek" or "nerd" because it is now a cool thing to be. Like how some people started dressing like truckers because Ashton Kutcher did it. They may look like a geek, they may talk something like a geek, but they've never stayed up until sunrise roll playing, kit-bashing, root hacking, guild raiding, kernel compiling, component tuning, spec comparing, code debugging, reference reading, photo time-lapsing, achievement unlocking, photoshop tweaking, costume making, board-game playing, sound remastering, library digitizing or many of the other things most of us do weekly. Scratch the surface and there isn't much actual geekery under there.

But I don't hate them. Quite the contrary, as long as we can sell them hopelessly overpriced geek-nostalgia laced paraphernalia I'm all for them."

"I stopped caring for labels long ago. I met so many labeled people (hipsters, punks, indies, skinheads) who were extremely nice, and some quite loathful gadget loving geeks.

It all boils down to whether the person is a douche or not."

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