Straight Talk From an Athlete: Pay Up or Be Accused of Rape
What bothers me isn't so much that professional athletes and otherwise rich and famous dudes think this way, but that average shmucks do too. I can't tell you the number of women I know who are or have been involved with a guy (who is usually not even in her league) who says shit like "I want a good woman at home, but I need variety." And then they use Tiger Woods as an example and talk about how evolution means that they need to be assholes and spread their seed. And most of these women put up with it, because what else can you do, when practically every single guy has this attitude?


When these stories are posted, people always say If you want to fuck around, just don't get married! But these guys do want to be married. They want a woman who loves them, someone to go home to. They don't want to just juggle a bunch of "whores" who don't care about them and don't want anything from them. That's lonely and cheap. It's classic "wanting to have their cake and eat it too".


Sleep with a multi-million dollar pro for a dress and some jewelry? Bah! He MUST be kidding. When's a whore not a whore? Money up front or near the end? I hope Playa gets tested on the reg, cause that's one peen you don't want to sample unsheathed.

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