Jon Stewart Goes After Obama for Lazy Response to Oil Spill
"D'ahh, big deal. Let 'em. That's how you know you're hitting a nerve. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy being one of the few people living with their eyes wide open. Don't forget how much shit hit the fan when Martin Luther King gave his famous Vietnam sermon. He knew people were going to piss themselves, but he also knew that speaking the truth out loud was more important than what people would think of him.

Besides, it's not like you owe anything to all those Obamabots in your class. You're not on this Earth to be their goddamn' sweethearts. They're the ones who -- despite knowing better -- were so goddamn' desperate and scared that they knowingly helped elect and continue to support a corporate tool who's done nothing but continue what George W. Bush was doing for the eight previous years. Let it rip, man. Screw 'em if they can't deal with it. I can't begin to tell you how liberating it was, back in the '90s, when I finally realized that I didn't have to give a shit what a bunch of geezing old Liberals thought when I called bullshit on Bill Clinton and the Democrats. In fact, I think you'll find it rather fun, poking Liberals with a stick.

Sure as hell doesn't bother me any, what Liberals think of what I have to say; it's no different from when all the Bushites were calling me a "terrorist" and an "America hater" for speaking out against the destruction of the Bill Of Rights, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the torture being committed at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. It's basically the same kind of ignorant mentality that's causing Liberals and "progressives" to tag you with epithets like "teabagger" or "Bircher" when you're the only one who's wide awake enough to call bullshit on Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton and the rest of the Democrats.

Actually, I've found that it's a great gauge of whether or not some "progressive" really believes in doing something to bring about real change, or just wants somebody in office with a little "D" after his name doing the warmongering, scaremongering, warrantless spying and torturing -- call out Obama and the Democrats in front of their faces, and watch how badly they bluster and fume and shit themselves. It's actually rather entertaining to me, really, watching Liberals crap their drawers when I do something as simple as blurt out the straight raw truth to them.

I've been involved in social-justice activism and independent media for thirty-odd years, and I've always tried to live by the old axiom about comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.

I think it was Mao who said something to the effect that if you're not enraging your adversaries, you're not doing your job."

"Do Not Be a Goddamned Liar", from Sh*t My Dad Says: The Book
"I'm going to be on your ass every step of the way. You will have the greatest science experiment that school has ever seen, or you will fucking die trying.


Dad's a textbook definition of a "tyrant".

Halpern's portrait says it all: slouched shoulders, resigned expression - this isn't a guy who's confident or proud in his own skin. You'll see the same demeaned expression on animals who've been beaten repeatedly. They jump at loud noises and scuttle away like roaches at the slightest provocation - nervous wrecks the whole lot of them.

If you raise your kids with fear, they live in fear as adults. Meanwhile, Dad's a coward and a bully who was never challenged to question the source of his incredible anger. No one ever stood up to him, so he continues to believe it's "his way or the highway", even when his way is wrong.

I grew up with this guy (my father), and the only way to assert myself was to get as far-the-fuck-away from him as I could. My grandfather was this guy too. Guess where his kids are now? Nowhere near him, I can tell you that.

When you see lonely elderly parents and wonder why their kids will have nothing to do with them, think of this guy.

Mystery solved."