SCARAB Police Chase Assistant
"You’ve gotta hand it to Industrial Design students. They have the youth and imagination to come up with some really intriguing ideas, along with the skills and tools to give us tantalizing glimpses of what those ideas might actually look like. Case in point: The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s recent graduate Carl Archambeault, and his Scarab concept. [...]"

Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald
Price List (2007)

A Cheapskate's Advice on Affording Anything You Want
"Most people do not understand that buying new is really financially dumb.

Buying used always saves you a lot of money in the long run. You just have to be smart about what you are buying.

I just got a 1 year old Mac Pro quad core tower for $900 less than new. It's identical to what I can get in the apple store right now, but it sat on a desk mostly unused instead of a cardboard box.

Photo gear, there is a LOT of used lenses out there. I wont buy new lenses ever. I get L series canon glass for 1/2 the price of new. Heck I just picked up a Canon T2i used! That camera has been out for 2 months! Someone bought one and though it was too complex.

I don't know when being financially sound became "cheapskate". It's silly to apply a derogatory term to making smart decisions on money.

Remember: Credit=bad Cash=good. Because with cash you not only pay far less by avoiding finance charges, but you can usually get another 10% knocked off the price by holding the wad of cash and asking for the lower price."

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