I'm a 24-year-old straight female in a relationship. The sex is great, except for one thing: My boyfriend is so fucking quiet while we are having sex. No words, no moans, a stone-cold facial expression. I know he is enjoying himself because he always comes and he initiates sex as often as I do. However, his stoic demeanor makes it hard for me to really get into stuff that isn't directly pleasurable for me. It's hard to be motivated to choke on someone's cock when they look and act like they can't even feel anything.

I've mentioned this to him several times after sex, and he just laughs it off and then says something like "Do you expect me to scream like a girl?" I've told him that that's not at all what I expect. I just want some sign of life! One time, I purposely remained completely silent during an orgasm, like he does, and he became very self-conscious. He didn't believe me when I told him I came, and I asked him how he likes it when I'm quiet. He thought this was funny, and then things went back to normal.

Why is he so quiet? What can I do?

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Stop treating this like it's a problem, WNITL, even if you experience it that way, and start treating it like a challenge and a game.

Give him a blowjob, choke on that cock, bring him right to the edge, then pull his cock out of your mouth and say, "Do you like that? Are you close? You want me to keep going?" Then look up at him and slowly stroke his cock—not fast enough to get him off, but not so slowly that you'll have to start that blowjob all over again—and wait for his response. When he says something, his dick goes back in your mouth. When he stops talking, his dick comes back out. Or if he's fucking you and he's getting close, wrap your legs around his ass and pull him in and hold him there so he can't thrust. Then say, "Feel good? Getting close? Wanna finish?" Don't let him budge until he talks; don't let him continue if he stops talking.

Be playfully, sexily confrontational, WNITL, and you'll be able to extract the feedback you want during sex while helping him get over his insecurities about how men are supposed to act during sex.

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