Conan on Twitter
"Tonight I perform in the talent show at my college reunion. So watch out, New England Institute of Cosmetology, I'm bringing my accordion."

"Today I got my 1,000,000th Twitter follower! I am now in the realm of Gods like Ashton, Bieber, Mariah, and updates on new Dell products."

"Pac-Man’s 30th birthday was marred by the sudden deportation of the Super Mario Bros. What were those fools doing in Arizona?"

"I'm in Minneapolis for a show. Couldn't figure out why I've felt so aroused all day; then I realized that Prince lives here."

Conan O'Brien's Dance Off with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Honeybees Dying; Scientists Wonder Why, and Worry About Food Supply
"Almonds and apples, soybeans and strawberries - as well as animals that feed on pollinated crops - may all be a bit more expensive this year because of a shortage of bees to pollinate the trees or vines."

"The 98 pesticides and metabolites detected in mixtures up to 214 ppm [parts per million] in bee pollen alone represents a remarkably high level for toxicants in the brood and adult food of this primary pollinator."

"In many ways we view honeybees as an indicator species, like the proverbial canary in the coal mine."

Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril
"Every third bite we consume in our diet is dependent on a honeybee to pollinate that food."

Give Bees a Chance
"In 2006, a Cornell University study found that in the U.S., bees annually pollinate more than $14 billion worth of seeds and crops—mostly fruit, vegetables and nuts. In the UK, they are responsible for the pollination of $420 million worth of food crops."

The Buzz Over Disappearing Bees
"Honeybees, which are different from bumblebees, are not native to the Americas - they came here with the European settlers (Dr. Buchmann says some first nations tribes referred to them as "white men's flies")."

"The world would be a desolate place without our pollinating friends, devoid of flowers, flowering plants and many of our favourite foods."

60 Minutes: Why Are Honeybees Disappearing? (Part 1) & (Part 2)
"Most of the people in this country have no idea what it takes to put the food on their table."

Bayer, Monsanto Killing Bees with Patented Chemicals, Process
"In July, 2007, the German corn crop was infested with the rootworm. The German government ordered that every possible method should be used to eradicate this pest, including the use of clothianidin. Shortly after the seeds were planted, in May of 2008, some 330-million bees abruptly died."

"We have been pointing out the risks of neonicotinoids for almost 10 years now. This proves without a doubt that the chemicals can come into contact with bees and kill them. These pesticides shouldn’t be on the market."

Koodo Finally Finds its Groove
"This post is about a campaign that I've been thinking about for the last little while, one that I started out hating but have increasingly grown to love. That campaign, of course, is from Koodo."